The National Foundation for Veteran Redeployment (NFVR): how the energy sector battles veteran unemployment.

Dear friends in the Oil & Gas community,

We take great pride in our industry, and in our country. As members of America's oil and gas community, we recognize the perilous fight that enables us to fuel our tremendous economy. However, uniformed service members defending our freedoms continue to return to a nation deplete of the social infrastructure to harness their talent, ambition, extensive training, and leadership experience.

Our goal at The National Foundation for Veteran Redeployment (NFVR) is to build the industry standard for securing our veterans with jobs. If you are a veteran, we honor your service and sacrifice as a soldier, sailor, airman, and marine, and we are here to help. NFVR is the energy sector's response to the astonishing rate of veteran unemployment.  Though our focus for employment is oil and gas, this is a terrific model to be applied in other sectors. 

As our nation's commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan draw to a close, we foresee the challenge of veteran unemployment expanding. If like us, you are grateful for the sacrifice that comes with American freedom, and you value the fulfillment of being investmed in the growing energy sector, it's an amazing accomplishment to get business minds to shift gears and start to think how we can help others, in addition to the day-to-day grind.

NFVR is funded by partner companies to provide scholarships for veterans seeking employment in the oil and gas industry. Our partner companies also lend their time and mentorship in our mission to equip veterans with more than just a temporary job: we aim to secure rewarding careers that power America's future. 

By contributing to NFVR, you join an incredible network. The relationships you'll build with veterans eager to become an integral part of your team will inspire you. Taking dedicated, hardworking individuals off the unemployment line and placing them into the workforce is an immense contribution to the oil and gas community, and the productivity of our society. 

We look forward to inviting you into our growing family, and continuing to serve those who have served us.

-Scot Cohen, Chairman of NFVR

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