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Jacqueline – Medical Database Manager in Virginia

We make sure our veterans retain their VA benefits to further their jobs into careers


Served as an Army medic. Now serves as a medical database manager in Virginia

The Army helped Jackie get a stable job, great training, and a group of friends she’ll never forget. Yet leaving the service posed a significant challenge. Not all medical institutions would accept her medical credentials from the military. She knew she had to do something to change the trajectory of her life, and going to school full time was not an option considering that she wanted to take care of her family. No problem. We worked on her resume, paid for her training in database management, and put her back to work serving a hospital in Virginia. Today, she’s doing just fine, and plans on eventually using up her GI Bill to further advance her career. That’s right- we didn’t take her GI Bill to pay for her training. We make sure our veterans retain those benefits to further their jobs into careers.

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