Success Story 3

Jeremy – Diesel Technician in Texas

We took Jeremy out of a job, and gave him a career.


Deployed to the Persian Gulf on an Aircraft Carrier, Redeployed as a diesel technician in Texas

There are few things as mesmerizing as standing behind a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Persian Gulf. This is how our friend Jeremy spent much of his career in the Navy. He loved being with his unit, but missed his family and friends back home. He missed his kids, and when he decided to leave the service, he knew he had to get a job quickly to make ends meet. Jeremy started working multiple hourly-wage jobs just to make rent and put food on the table, but what he gained in finances, he lost in time with his wife and kids. Jeremy had a few college credits to his name, so once he completed his associate’s degree, we were able to find him a job as a diesel technician in Texas. We took Jeremy out of a job, and gave him a career. We don’t exist to get veterans part-time or temporary jobs. Success to us is making sure our veterans have long and fulfilling careers in an industry they care about. That’s the NFVR way!

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