Success Story 4

Paul – Commercial Driver in North Dakota

At NFVR, we understand that veteran unemployment is more than a numbers problem.


Deployed as a Naval Seabee to Iraq, Redeployed with a Commercial Drivers’ License in North Dakota

Paul gained valuable skills as a naval Seabee. He understands heavy machinery and engineering concepts. But when he left the service, his transition to civilian life was difficult. He came home to a small town hit hard by the recession. He knew he had more potential to contribute to society, but geographic inflexibility kept Paul from taking jobs in other states. NFVR understands that the veteran unemployment rate is not a function of there simply not being jobs. Veterans have families, mortgages, and as a group they are known for fulfilling our obligationswe don’t leave those out to dry. We took Paul’s application, worked out a monthly support stipend, and equipped him with the training he needed to make the transition to another state to take a job he loves. We’re not just about scholarships, and not just mentorship. We offer a comprehensive approach to finding a job for a veteran. 

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