The ones who keep us safe also keep us moving

The United States spans three time zones, and our goods, fuels, and other resources and commodities must often travel from coast to coast. To accomplish this safely and seamlessly, we need qualified expert truck drivers to help move our nation's equipment. Employers are willing to compensate these individuals exceptionally well.

NFVR has partnered with Schneider Trucking and other vocational schools to provide jobs to our veterans across the globe. This is a safe and secure economic transition back to civilian life.

The base vocational training need is a Commercial Drivers' Licence (CDL) with HAZMAT endorsement. Trucking jobs come with a hefty salary, and offer significant upward career mobility. For a veteran who is looking for this career path, NFVR is willing to help you get on your way. Contact us for more information and to see what jobs are available in your area or around the country.

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