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Our goal is to reduce veteran unemployment.

We are a team of industry leaders in finance and energy, actively engaged in helping the men and women who have served the U.S. in uniform. Our motivation to help veterans is fueled by more than just patriotism. We see an injustice in the number of veterans returning home, without jobs. Veteran unemployment is an issue of economics, national security, and misuse of taxpayer investment.

Our country invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in each of our service member’s training. Ostensibly each unemployed veteran is a misuse of America's investment in these soldiers. With over 2 million veterans coming back from Afghanistan, our government's Veterans Affairs structure is carrying tremendous strain. It behooves the private sector to do all we can to make veterans self-sufficient leaders and members of society.

Veteran unemployment implicates national security. A strong image in a young student’s life is seeing a homeless or jobless veteran: seeing an individual bearing an Army shirt or camouflage-printed backpack, in the unemployment line, affects one's perception of military service.

For each unemployed or homeless veteran suffering the consequences associated with serving our country, the next of our best and brightest young students find another career path. The prospect of national defense, optimizing our taxpayer's investments, and finding jobs for the unemployed is our priority-- and we must show our youth that serving our country is not only honorable and a great way to distinguish oneself in the civilian world, but also that you have our support in continuing your careers in lucrative industries when you come home.

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